5 Ways Snapdragon Home Is Getting Even Better!

5 Ways Snapdragon Home Is Getting Even Better!


We used to only have 2 ways for you to earn money with Snapdragon Home. 15% on all your referred sales and 5% on all your referred affiliate’s sales. Well, now we are going to double that number!!

This means you get a BONUS referral fee for bringing affiliates to Snapdragon Home, and you get a bonus referral fee on the affiliates they bring in!! Even more reason to build a strong group of affiliates around you to work together!


We want things to be easy, after all you don’t need to waste your time looking for something in 5 or 6 different places. Your time is valuable so we are going to save you every second we can. We have created a brand new website JUST FOR AFFILIATES that has training, tips and tricks, affiliate information, images to use in marketing, news and announcements, your back office login, and MORE!

This site will be constantly updated so you will remain current on all things Snapdragon! PLUS it will not be password protected (except for your personal details) so you can show this to potential affiliates who are thinking of joining forces with you! A picture is worth a thousand words, so show them what we have to offer!


We have a ton of products to offer now, and we have redesigned the website to make things easier to sell, including a brand new navigation system, better descriptions, and more information on each product.  We have begun the transition and will have it completed by end of June! 

Our focus is to make it so easy for your customer to find what they are looking for that they buy in the first few visits, increasing your conversion rate and per-order totals.


Summer vacation is coming! We realize that you might get busy from time to time, and we do not want you worrying about your business when you take time off. To more readily accommodate all affiliates we have decided to reduce the activity requirements in order to keep your account open and be paid.

Our new activity requirement is as follows:

All accounts must remain active in order to remain open. Activity is defined as one of the following scenarios:

  • 1 referred sale and 1 referred affiliate within a rolling 3 month period or,
  • 2 referred affiliates within a rolling 3 month period or,
  • 2 referred sales within a rolling 3 month period.

Your rolling three months does not start until the month AFTER you’ve enrolled.

Once an account is closed due to inactivity a new account can be reopened immediately at the current enrollment cost.

This means all you need is one of the scenarios above and you are golden! Coming up on your date? Grab a few sales or refer a few people! No minimum on the amounts of the sales!


So we got rid of the minimum activity requirements, YAY! But so many of you are busting your butts to hit those previous requirements or going above and beyond to turn this into a living wage opportunity. We’ve decided to reward those of you who are treating this like the strong opportunity it can be! Those who meet the “HYPER-ACTIVITY” level ($250+ in sales every 3 rolling months) will be gathered on a list at the end of each month. All orphaned affiliates who lose their upline due to inactivity, or who have registered with us without an upline, will be distributed to this list of HYPER-ACTIVE Affiliates! This will be done in order of highest sales to lowest sales.


  • We have 100 orphaned affiliates.
  • We have 300 HYPER-ACTIVE Affiliates.
  • The top 100 HYPER-ACTIVE Affiliates based on sales totals will each get a new affiliate added to their group.


  • We have 300 orphaned affiliates.
  • We have 200 HYPER-ACTIVE Affiliates.
  • All of the HYPER-ACTIVE Affiliates will receive 1 new affiliate added to their group.
  • The top 100 HYPER-ACTIVE Affiliates based on sales will each receive an additional new affiliate added to their group.

So keep those sales amounts high! It could lead to you receiving a gem of an affiliate to work with!

(Orphaned affiliates do not come with the $5 or $0.50 referral bonus however all of their sales, moving forward, will qualify for the 5% referral earnings.)


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