Reseeding Your Garden - How to Grow a Strong Sustainable Business

Reseeding Your Garden - How to Grow a Strong Sustainable Business

Does this sound like you? "My customers are bored. They want things that I can't provide and they've seen all the stuff I have available." Or how about "I built a team and they started out great but now they aren't doing anything. I can't get them to get active again." This is what we call an "Unseeded Garden". Understanding the cycle of retail sales and marketing, and the importance of reseeding your business will help you to grow and maintain a strong income.

Imagine a handful of plant seeds. You plant the seeds in the garden and watch it grow, admire it, show it off to people, and are proud of it. You give it what it needs to grow and it blossoms more and more flowers for you as it grows big and strong.

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But not all plants live forever. After their life cycle runs out you find your garden is empty again. This is because once you planted those seeds you sat back to watch instead of continue to plan for your garden's future. You expected the same plants to be there forever, continuing to grow, and provide you flowers forever. Now you have dead plants that you can't revive no matter how hard you try.

If you had continually seeded your garden you'd have plants flowering all over, filling in the spaces where other plants have run their life cycle and are gone. This is a "Seeded Garden". After awhile you have a few large plants that are so strong they survive on their own with very little from you and several smaller plants working hard to provide you with a huge bouquet of flowers every day.

This is how retail works especially in the work at home industries like Direct Sales, Multi-Level Marketing, and Affiliate programs. In both your customer base and your team you need to be constantly reseeding your garden to make sure that when someone walks away for any reason you have another 3 people ready to fill and take their place. You should never be content with your audience and team size. Always strive for more and more people. This is what growth in business is.

Everyone in retail reseeds their garden on a constant basis. It's why there is advertising. You cannot sustain business on the same customer base and the same team forever. But you can build on the loyal customers and strong team members that do stick with you and fill in the spaces with more and more people from putting your products in front of new eyes everyday.

Don't break the cycle. Reseed your garden daily and you will grow your business into a strong income producer.

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