When Is SnapdragonHome.com Shipping to Canada?

When Is SnapdragonHome.com Shipping to Canada?

Heads up, Canada!

Since we launched we have been asked by our amazing affiliates to the north to be allowed to use this as a money making opportunity. Since we didn't have a warehouse in place to deliver to Canada we were reluctant, but we wanted to do as requested and opened the affiliate program up to those in Canada. After all, it's a completely online program so location does not matter.

Then we launched SnapdragonHome.com with our stuff and everyone in Canada wanted to order! We get it, it's really nice stuff!! But alas, we do not have our warehouse or distribution set up for that. Not yet.

I get asked probably 5 times a week when we will be open there and the answer is not one you want to hear. It will not be super soon. We need to make sure we are stable to make a move like that. But that is not to say we are not working towards that. It is still in the plans and we do not want you to think we are no longer working towards it. We will not give estimates because that only serves to disappoint if we, by chance, miss that deadline.

Until then the new compensation plan should help to ease things a bit. Extra ways to make money and build that team! And when we open in Canada you will have SO MUCH to tell everyone!

Remember, you can still earn affiliate referral fees if you reside in Canada. You need to be sure you are marketing to those who will make a purchase and have the shipments go to the lower 48 continental US states. You can recruit new affiliates from Canada and US as well, and earn referral fees on those new affiliate introductions.  

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