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Having a presence on social media is vital for businesses these days. Social media outlets allow brands to connect with their consumer base, keep them engaged with high quality content, and update them regarding any new products, offers or promotions.

However, keeping consumers engaged on social media is a constant process, requiring a concerted effort to post content regularly, being quick to respond to your customers’ demands. It can be extremely time consuming for businesses to keep this up. Then businesses also have to know whether their social media marketing strategy is working or not. For this they require access to analytics. This is where social media automation tools come into the picture, helping marketers save time, while keeping their digital marketing strategy on course, reducing the number of resources that they need to spend on social media advertising and engagement.

There are a ton of tools available to help you out. These tools perform a wide variety of remarkable functions, including posting your content according to your schedule and listening to your consumer base on social media. Here’s a look at some of these tools.


Agora Pulse

This automation tools comes with perhaps the most comprehensive set of features out of all the tools out there. It offers several remarkable functions, allowing you to schedule and plan content on six separate social media platforms, tracking your performance, and giving you the option of collaborating with your business team, setting up an ever-fresh sharing schedule by which to post and repost content constantly, saving you loads of time.

Agora Pulse allows you to engage with all your followers and prospects from one place. It publishes content in line with your given schedule across a host of social media platforms, including YouTube, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. And its smart analytics help you keep track of the effectiveness of your social media content.



PowerPost provides convenience to its users, making it easy for you to collaborate on producing your content, creating it, curating it, and distributing it from one centralized platform. It allows users to view their drafts as well as the content that has been published, all from one location. You can customize your content for every social media platform you wish to share it on, including Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress. This tool makes it that much easier for users to manage their WordPress blogs, putting strong emphasis on teamwork, allowing you the opportunity to create collaborative workflows, workflows in which you can schedule, create, edit and publish your content.



This is one of the most popular social media automation tools available, and as a result it is widely used. It comes with a plethora of amazing features, features which require a bit of time to master. You will need to work hard to reap the full benefits that this tool has to offer, but it will be worth the effort you put into it. This tool offers many advantages, one main advantage being that it allows users to keep track of multiple social media outlets at once. Hootsuite also helps brands monitor their progress through real-time updates. Being alerted every time internet users mention your brand is a very useful phenomenon, allowing you to stay up to speed with how your brand is doing constantly. This data can be used in several useful ways, such as generating new content, or avoiding a crisis.

Hootsuite is compatible with every single one of the leading social media networks out there and comes with a post scheduler that is easy to use. Its built in analytics can assist you in determining the best time to post content, making your work more efficient. Its advanced search option is quite remarkable, coming with a host of features, such as location-based searches and sentiment analysis. It allows users not only to check the mentions of their brands, but reply to them and to post content too, all under the same umbrella. The tool additionally helps users to search for influencers. Its advanced analytics feature is useful for generating reports that are more in-depth.



Buffer is an extremely useful social media tool with extensive features. It allows you to queue your posts across a variety of different social media platforms with a very user-friendly interface. It is also famous for how comprehensive its analytics are, allowing you to keep tabs on how effective your marketing strategy on social media is, helping you make improvements where necessary. This tool is updated regularly, keeping in touch with the latest developments. Buffer offers different packages to different users, allowing them to use the ones that best fit their needs. It not only automatically posts your content, it also makes suggestions on the best time for posting this content. It has a dedicated interface, allowing you to work on dedicated campaigns. It analyzes even the same content separately, generating custom links to it. The interface is extremely simple and easy to use, the analytics section capable of being utilized in a number of different ways. 


Social Oomph

This social media management tool comes with some outstanding features when it comes to automation. One such feature is what is referred to as the queue reservoir. Content that remains current for a long time, not going out of date, is called evergreen content. When you post evergreen content, it is vitally important for you to keep promoting it, even long after the initial post. This is because your audience grows as you entrench your social media presence deeper and deeper, an audience that will not have seen your evergreen post before. Also, it is possible that your followers missed the content when it was first shared. Social Oomph allows you to add evergreen content to the queue reservoir, specifying exactly how often you want to share the content. It allows you to create many variations on the same tweet, ensuring that you don’t tweet the exact same thing every time. You can, for instance, have 3 variations on the same tweet, and Social Oomph will send them out accordingly. The queue reservoir is an extremely useful feature, saving loads of time, and also driving more and more traffic towards your website.



Crowdfire was originally a very simple tool designed to help marketers manage their followers on Instagram and Twitter, informing them how many people followed and unfollowed them on a daily basis. Recently, however, it has gone through a major makeover, emerging as a major advanced automation tool for all your social media platforms. It is equally effective whether you use it to manage your brand’s presence or to increase the reach of your own personal content. Crowdfire meets all requirements. Additionally, the tool allows users to identify inactive Twitter users, giving you the option to unfollow them if that’s what you want to do. It has a “Copy Followers” feature, allowing you to analyze other users’ followings. It also has a curated posts feature, finding for you the best content to share amongst your audience. The tool also performs posting across platforms, suggesting ideal posting times to boot, and all this automatically.

When you make a blogpost, you naturally want it promoted across all your social media platforms. But it is extremely cumbersome to set updates individually for each platform, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. It is time consuming and annoying. allows you to automate this process. All you have to do is specify for what source you want your content picked up from as well as the destination you want it to reach. automatically sends out updates every time you create a new post. Currently, the tool supports Delicious,, Google+ (business page), LinkedIn (personal and business), Facebook (personal and business) and Twitter. also offers an extremely useful analytics feature. It tracks the people who click on your links. is a very useful and reliable tool which will end up saving you a lot of time and making your life that much easier.



This is yet another very useful tool, especially when it comes to content marketers. The clue is in the name: this tool allows you to schedule your posts easily on a variety of different social media networks. It makes it possible for users to manage multiple social media accounts from the one place. This tool can be used to manage in excess of 60 posts at the same time. It can also be used to make social media calendars. It not only allows users to schedule their content, but also to analyze that content, how well it has done in the past, enabling users to post the same content again. It offers a number of amazing features, including staff management, WordPress compatibility and re-queue. Additionally, customer support can be easily offered by you using this tool. Lastly, the tool is very user friendly, and cheaper than a lot of other alternatives.



A large number of marketers these days complain that there is simply too much going on when it comes to social media, too much noise. They need to invest a great deal of effort and time in performing keyword analysis and brand monitoring. That’s where Socialert steps in. This tool makes it considerably easier to listen to social media, providing many additional features to boot. It allows users to track keywords and hashtags easily in real-time. It alerts you every time a specified keyword gets mentioned, ensuring that you never miss out on a key conversation. This further allows you to collect content generated by users, monitor your brand’s performance, identify influencers in your chosen industry, and lots, lots more. Further, this tool helps you to quantify your content’s impressions and reach. Results can be filtered on the basis of sentiments, location, time and other variables. Lastly, this tool supplies you with in-depth reports which can be exported in CSV format.



This is yet another great tool, amongst the best for discovering which posts and topics are trending and have some relation to your particular domain. It makes the job of searching for analytics and viral content considerably easier. It helps you discover what is trending in relation to your particular domain, allowing you to use that information to your advantage. All that it needs from you is the relevant keywords; thereafter it takes over, automating your search. It is a little bit on the expensive side in comparison with other similar applications. However, provided that you use it wisely, it is worth every last penny that you spend on it. It allows you to filter your results on a variety of bases, including platform, domain and location. It tracks a host of different social media networks, including Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook (among others). Apart from content, it also allows you to identify influencers in your particular industry and build powerful connections with them. It offers many other features as well, including Facebook analyzer, question analyzer and content analyzer.



This is the complete toolkit when it comes to social media automation, containing a ton of fantastic features. It easily helps users automate the posting of their content, conducting customer support, engaging with their audiences and lots, lots more. However, one disadvantage is that it doesn’t support as many social media platforms as some of its rivals (like Hootsuite and Buffer). However, it has some distinctive features, features for monitoring your competitors and for social listening, too. It comes with a user interface that is very easy to use, allowing you to schedule all your content in advance. It also offers some unique tools in its kit, tools which can be utilized for serving dedicated purposes. It additionally helps you to identify influencers and to track keywords. Lastly, it comes with an analytics feature built into it, a feature that can be utilized to determine the reach of your content overall.

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