Phone Apps for Image Creation and Manipulation

Having a well-written text is run of the mill when it comes to content marketing. It’s a requirement, but it alone is by no means sufficient to get customers to notice you. If you want customers to notice you, you must use images, and use them well. Properly used images enhance and complement your content, grabbing the attention of internet users, improving your chances of being found through internet searches.

Images are important. Blogs and social media posts accompanied by images receive considerably more engagement than their counterparts without images. Images simply draw viewers to themselves. The good news is, you don’t even need to spend a whole bunch of money to buy a professional camera in order to capture good images; your smart phone cameras will suffice. Additionally, there are a number of apps available today that help you create and manipulate your images. Here’s a look at some of them.



This is an all-purpose photo editor for iPhone, great for enhancing and making corrections to your images. Snapseed offers a wide variety of tools for editing your images and yet is extremely user friendly. It allows you to make adjustment to the images sharpness, color and exposure. You can also straighten, rotate and crop your images and carry out perspective corrections. It offers a healing tool, brushes, and selective adjustments. It also offers HDR, vignette and black and white images. You can use it to access vintage filters and lens blur. It can also be used for portrait enhancement. It allows for text, frames and double exposure. This is especially great for users just beginning to use photo editing on their phones.


Adobe Photoshop Express

This photo editing app contains a number of advanced features, including editing tools and filters. It also offers a variety of other control tools, such as white balance, brightness, hue, removal of red eye, color, flip, rotate, straighten and crop. Its filters include glow, superpunch and vibrant. It also allows users to add frames and borders to their images.

Adobe Photoshop Express additionally offers ad-on packs, including the Adobe Advanced Pack and the Adobe Looks Pack. Their Advanced Pack includes options such as DeFog and noise reduction. They also offer a Photoshop Mic feature, allowing users to combine numerous images into a single image. It also supports raw photos, allowing you to import and edit them in raw format.


AutoDesk Pixlr

This photo editing app is free, offering in excess of 2 million different combinations of filters, overlays and effects. It allows you to create collages of photos, containing a variety of different spacing options, backgrounds and layouts. This app also contains an auto fix feature, one that helps in balancing color out. The app allows you to blend and layer multiple photos together. You can additionally stylize photos with ink sketches and pencil drawings. You can enhance your selfies, removing blemishes, whitening teeth and removing red eyes. Your photos can also be captioned and overlaid with text.



VSCO (pronounced as Visco) is an extremely popular app for photo editing. Its claim to fame is the collection of preset filters, including emulating the appearance of classic film. VSCO is ideal for creating an understated, vintage look in one’s photography. It is not like other apps whose filters tend to be overpowering. Unlike them, VSCO brings subtlety to the table. The majority of its presets have a faded, soft look, one that’s gaining in popularity on Instagram. It allows you to maneuver its presets’ strength, suiting it to your taste. It also allows you to fine-tune color and exposure with a wide range of editing tools. It is available for free on the app store, coming along with its basic preset collection. Additional presets are available for download. Some of these are free but others can cost a little.


Camera +

This app for iOS comes with a wide number of sophisticated tools for photo editing, including focus and touch exposure. Its stabilizer mode of shooting allows users to capture sharp images, with zooming capabilities reaching 6x. A very useful feature that this app possesses is referred to as ‘clarity,’ a feature making intelligent adjustments, improving upon images even in circumstances where the light is low. Camera + possesses a variety of scene modes built into it, including portrait, night, sunset, food and beach, ensuring that you take shots using its optimal settings. It also comes with a feature called “Horizon Level,” a feature that prevents shots from being crooked. This feature is especially useful when you’re trying to take classy images of your product for marketing purposes. Camera+ additionally offers a considerable number of borders that can be chosen from for the purpose of touching up your images. Its other features include effect features such as “So emo” and “Grunge,” as well as tone, vignette, tapping for removal of red eye, white balance, layering and brushing.



Afterlight is a somewhat basic photo editing app. Nonetheless, it comes with all the features required for basic photo editing. This app allows you to control the tones of color, adjust brightness and exposure, straighten and rotate your images, and has everything you could possibly need to fix the color and lighting. It comes with 74 filters, which include a fusion filter, a filter that allows you to mix textures, filters and tools, creating your very own, personalized look. If you’re interested in a variety of frames, this app is for you, coming with 128 you can choose from. Additionally, this app allows your images to paired with Instagram perfectly. One feature of this app that is a user favorite is the feature for shadows and brightness. Different images have different requirements; some look better with less shadow and more brightness, giving them a fresher, cleaner look, while others look better in shadow, creating a mysterious, nighttime vibe. This app allows you have the best of both worlds. 



This is a great app for photo editing, coming with all the basic features required of a photo editing app, and more. It not only allows users to add filters, fade, saturate, brighten and crop their images, it also allows them to add tones, colors and curves. This app also contains an infinite undo history, allowing you to view each iteration of your image. It additionally comes with support for custom filters. A wonderful feature that Darkroom contains is its ability to allow you to edit photos that haven’t been imported. You can “favorite” the photos you really like, allowing you to access them quickly. While Darkroom is downloadable for free, there are a number of in-app purchase that you should be aware of. For instance, the B&W, Landscapes and Portraits features each cost $1.99.


Font Candy

The clue is in the name. this photo editing app allows users to creatively overlay their images with captions. For users with writer’s block, this app contains a number of preset quotations to choose from. Font Candy additionally comes with cropping and scaling tools to improve images. This app is particularly useful for marketeers, allowing them to combine image and text in a seamless way, using images of their products and integrating witty text within those images.



Flickr is an extremely popular community of professional photographers and has been since 2004. It was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005, allowing Flickr to scale its growth as a social network. Today, over 12 billion images have been shared using Flickr. It offers 1TB worth of free storage to every one of its users. Their mobile app allows users to edit their images. The features include but are not limited to adding filters and cropping images using the camera roll.

Flickr also offers a pro version, providing advanced statistics pertaining to your images along with a browsing experience unencumbered by those pesky advertisements. Flickr’s pro version also comes with a desktop tool for auto uploading, a year-long subscription to Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC, and a few smaller benefits. It costs $5.99 a month or $49.99 yearly.



This app offers an astounding number of different font designs, each of them looking top notch. It allows you to enter background graphics of your own choosing, lending credibility to your quote pictures, especially on Instagram. This app is particularly famous amongst Instagram users. If you start using it, you may recognize it a lot in other user’s images. However, because of the sheer quantity of font designs offered, you probably won’t have a problem distinguishing your work.



PicsArt is one of the favorites when it comes to mobile photo editing apps, containing a vast number of features. It has, so far, been downloaded in excess of 300 million times. It is used for drawing, making collages and editing photos. It comes with a social network built into it, where users can share their photos. Its tools include speech bubbles (great for creative advertising), lens flare, text, masks, borders and creative filters. PicsArt can be downloaded for free. However, the company makes money through in-app purchases, including birthday frames, tattoo fonts and love quotes.



This is a great app for adding quotes to your images and sharing it on all social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It contains a wide variety of font choices and templates, allowing you to advertise your services and products in creative and surprising new ways. It has a feature that allows you to vary the emphasis that you place on particular words simply by tapping them, making them change in style or color. Line spacing, frames, alignment and the size of the text can all be easily changed and adapted, something not provided by a lot of other apps. However, there is one important feature missing, and that is the option to rotate the text.



This is yet another great app for photo editing. One of its most amazing features is that it allows users to remove unwanted objects from their images. It tends to happen quite often that you snap the perfect shot of your merchandise, only to find your image bombed by an unwanted object like some random guy or a trashcan, ruining what was an otherwise beautiful shot. Well, you don’t need to worry about these things anymore. TouchRetouch allows you to remove unwanted objects, allowing you to present your image as you originally wanted to show it. With TouchRetouch, objects like shadows, spots, wires, buildings, people and anything else that you don’t want seen can be easily removed. You don’t even need to make too much of an effort to remove these objects; all you need to do is highlight the area using your finger and tap on the ‘go’ button. You can also use this app to perfect other elements when it comes to your images. It comes with a clone stamp tool, allowing you to match backgrounds, duplicate elements and fill in the gaps in your images. It comes also with tutorials, allowing you to easily learn how to use it properly. It costs $1.99 only.



Superimpose is the ideal photo editing app for business owners, particularly those who want to create professional-grade images, blending and overlaying multiple images together. It allows users to easily blend two images togethers. It comes with smooth tools to smooth out edges, allowing users to add masks, masking different portions of images. You can also adjust the saturation, contrast, exposure and color of both images. The app also includes tools for flipping, rotating, resizing, scaling, moving and blending images.

Superimpose is a simpler mobile alternative for users who find Adobe’s Photoshop too complex to work with. It allows users to superimpose images on top of one another, allowing adjustments to be easily made, not requiring in-depth knowledge of image blending or masks. While the focus of the app is on blending images, it provides other tools as well, tools that can be used for photo editing. It is available for $1.99 on iOS devices, and $0.99 on Android devices.

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