Phone Apps for Video Creation and Manipulation

Marketing on social media is all about powerful storytelling. And the fact of the matter is that visual content can provide another dimension to your brand’s story. The next logical step in this progression is that videos can be used to create even more powerful stories than still images, with videos providing a more immersive experience for viewers. Creating engaging video content can provide advertisers with a broad set of advantages. These days, powerful visuals, sounds and motion are increasingly essential parts of successful marketing campaigns, especially when brands wish to spread awareness and grab their customers’ attention over a short time-span. Videos can be used to advertise new products, target a different segment of users and make a big impact on social media users. According to some sources, videos are becoming the number one tool for engaging social media audiences. Here are a few video creation and manipulation apps you can use on your mobile devices.



This app provides a simple and enjoyable way of advertising your brand and telling your story. It allows you to splice different images and video clips together, forming a short video, one that you can share on all your social media platforms. The app also offers you a step-by-step process detailing how to create and share your video, making it that much easier to produce. Another great feature in this app is that it allows you to add voiceovers within itself, so that you can customize your message. The voiceover can be added to specific images or clips, making the app ideal for the creation of demonstration videos.



This app has been made by Apple itself and comes free with all new i-devices. If you have used this app previously and found it to be limited, you may want to give it a second chance because Apple has recently made some considerable improvements to it, such as adding 4K support for iPad Pro and iPhone 6s. The app offers an intuitive, clean interface, allowing users to easily edit their footage, and add photos, voiceovers, music and titles. iMovie also has 10 video filters available to users, as well as 8 TV-style themes along with titles to match, music and transition. It also contains 14 templates for trailers Hollywood-style, along with original scores and graphics.


FiLMic Pro

This is a very popular app when it comes to recording videos. FiLMic Pro offers a range of advantages, the first and foremost of which is that it is extremely user friendly. It offers many wonderful features, providing videos of excellent quality. This app allows you to choose your white balance, exposure and focus, and the ability to lock these settings in place while you record. It also allows you to make videos in different speeds and formats. There are six different presets available, making switching back and forth between settings easier. Within the app’s settings, you can purchase add-ons, such as remote, allowing you to control a camera in a different iOS device. The app’s interface contains a button through which recorded videos can be accessed.



This app has many similarities with FiLMic Pro. However, there are a few differences between them, setting them apart. Movie Pro comes with an interface that is a little more basic, consequently more user-friendly, making it less confusing and easier to use. This app is great for those who are new to video marketing, who might find the advanced features on some other video editing apps a bit confusing and overwhelming. MoviePro allows you to adjust a wide variety of settings, such as the frame rate, white balance and focus. The app contains a library, where recorded videos can be stored. Alternatively, recorded videos can be stored in the photo library. Once stored, videos can be sent to an editor, where they can be pieced together.



This is another great video editing app, allowing users to not only record videos, but to snap shots while they record as well, offering excellent capabilities for you to go through its video and photo features. Once you have recorded your video, the app provides you with a vast array of built-in components for editing, allowing you to enhance your video recordings. The ‘pro’ in ProCam is thoroughly justified by some of its more advanced features, including steady-cam, allowing you to avoid shaky shots. It also comes with spot focus and lock, allowing you to hone in on the subject of your video. Time-lapse and slow-motion videos can also be created by using this app.


YouTube Capture

This is another extremely popular video editing app by Google. It is an app for iOS, allowing those with iPhones or iPod Touch the ability to record videos, posting it right to YouTube. Not only can you use this app to easily load content to your YouTube channel, you can also use it to share your content on other social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can share content to all these places without even having to leave the app. It allows users to upload videos straight from their camera rolls onto the site. This app is great to use for businesses.

Apart from the main feature related to sharing, the app also offers rudimentary editing tools, including stabilization, color correction, as well as the ability to include music tracks and also a trimming function. The trimming functions permits users to shorten their videos, but only from the beginning or from the end.


Clesh Video Editor

This video editing app is based on the cloud, allowing users to render on the cloud in real time. It allows users the ability to combine their photos and videos together, creating coherent videos out of them. It also allows users to storyboard their videos. Having sang its praises, it should be noted that this app is not for people who are completely new to video editing. You need to have some basic video editing knowledge to get the best out of it. Those of you who have previously used applications for video editing on PCs will be able to better appreciate Clesh Video Editor’s power on your mobile device. Its features include real-time video transitions, storyboard trimming and editing. This app is extremely powerful, capable of just about anything. It also possesses other useful features, such as automatic color correction, slow-motion effects and graphic overlay tracks.


Snip Video Trimmer

This app has made it to several video editing lists. Those of you who like to watch movies using your smartphones have, in all likelihood, looked into the possibility of trimming your videos down. Snip Video Trimmer offers a great way to shorten your clips, allowing users to directly access information from the app. It also allows users to upload short videos online, sharing them on the internet. Snip Video Trimmer is relatively simple software, without the fancy features some other apps possess. It is ideal for users who just require a bit of light video editing, something they can use on the fly.


Adobe Premier Clip

This is one of the best video editing apps out there, as you might expect from a big name like Adobe. They offer a similar tool for the desktop. But the desktop version is a lot more complicated to use. Their mobile app, on the other hand, has features that are more simplified. The stated mission of the app is to allow users to “create, edit, and share” their videos. The app offers two editing styles for users to choose between to get started. It also offers an option for automatic editing, quickly generating a clip predicated on the video that you have uploaded, allowing you to make changes, customizing the pace of the video, the order in which the clips play, as well as the music. The editing on this app is freeform, allowing users to trim their video clips, sequence them, and manually edit them. Like some of the other apps listed here, this app also allows you to add the music that you choose from within your music library. Your videos can also be shared with the community of the app if you desire. What’s more, the app itself is free, although it does offer paid plans for those looking for them. However, it is pretty effective even without the paid plans, allowing users to edit quickly and easily.



Using this app now requires a small cost, but it’s well worth the price you pay for it. It can work with both iOS and Android. VideoShop is fantastic for trimming, cropping and adding filter to your videos. It also allows users to add text overlays to their video content, the text overlays remaining there for a specified time. Similarly, it allows users to add image overlays, with the image staying there for the time you desire. These features are particularly useful for marketers, allowing them to showcase their creativity, to create complex, witty, multi-dimensional marketing content.


Video Slide Show Maker

This app allows users to create videos out of slide shows; it is great for marketing. Users familiar with PowerPoint presentations will find Video Slide Show Maker very useful and easy to use. In case you’ve stored a lot of pictures of your product or service on your phone, this app will make it easy and simple for you to collect them and present them in one great video presentation.  

The app allows users to create slideshows that are personalized by using the multimedia content on their phones. Creating a slideshow is very easy; all it requires is for users to choose the photos that they want included, enhance them as required, and finally add their chosen media to the slideshow.

Text and music can be added to the slideshow, adding to its entertainment value, making it more enjoyable, allowing marketers to add valuable information to it. The app additionally allows users to zoom into images and pan out of them for specified durations before transitioning to the next slide. The icing on the cake is the transition effects, powerful enough to engage a lot of creativity. Once your slideshow is created, you can save it and share it on YouTube.


Lapse It

This app is fantastic for capturing videos on your Android phones, allowing marketers to bring an artistic touch to the videos they shoot. Lapse It is also an award-winning app, containing a wide variety of features, particularly good at capturing time lapse clips.

This app is pretty easy to learn how to use. For beginners just starting on their journeys, it won’t take longer than a week’s practice to master this app. Capturing time-lapse videos requires users to select the duration of time between images, choose their effect in terms of color, and press the capture button. After you’re done recording, the app will ask you what format you want your video in, FLV, MOV or MPV, with a variety of frame rates and resolutions. In case you plan on making long videos, make sure the battery is fully charged and there’s plenty of space on your memory cards.



This app is the iMovie of Android. It is possibly the best and most complete video editing app for Android. It supports multiple video layers, provided your Android device is supported. The app also allows users to add text and images, and additionally multi-track audio. Using this app, you can trim your video clips, and layer them precisely, at frame-by-frame granularity. Audio clips can also by timed and adjusted at sub-frame accuracy.

The app additionally offers 3D transitions, chroma key compositing, speed controls, color LUT filters, precise volume envelope controls and instant edit previews. The app, like some of the others on this list, is free for downloading. It is extremely powerful and very rich on features. However, you have to pay a fee to remove the watermarks from this app, which doesn’t require a one-time payment, but rather a $5 a month subscription.


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